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This rail is plumbed into the system in the same way as a standard radiator would be and must be fitted with valves to enable its use with the central heating system. Made from 100% stainless steel, it won’t rust, flake or corrode. Furthermore, it’s easy to clean and blemishes or light scratches can be polished out with relative ease. Each size comes with standard brackets (85mm length) and ‘profile’ valves. Please see below for overall projections: Sandsend 400 – overall projection of 140mm Sandsend 520 – overall projection of 165mm Sandsend 620 – overall projection of 165mm Please note: not all our ranges are on display in our shops. For more information, please speak to a furniture Partner in store, or call 03452 661805 and we can tell you where the range you’d like to view is on display.